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Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board


Hearing Schedule

The Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board recognizes the importance of having its hearings open to the public.

With the end of the public health emergency related to COVID-19, the Community Care and Assisted Living Appeal Board is pleased to work toward operations in the “new normal”. In this “new normal”, the Board recognizes the ongoing concerns related to COVID-19, and continues to operate in a way that encourages safety for its members, staff, and the public.

In particular, the Board is generally conducting appeals in writing or electronically using videoconferencing software (Microsoft Teams), where possible and appropriate.

In order to provide effective access by the public to oral hearings, the Board will publish a list of upcoming hearings on its website. Contact the Board by email at info@bcccalab.ca at least one week before the hearing to request access at the presiding Member’s discretion. The email should identify the hearing from the hearing schedule.


CCALB-CCA-21-A003 Ghalia Rebei Adlani (Moonlight Daycare) v. Dr. Emily Newhouse, Medical Health Officer, Fraser Health Authority
A reconvened oral hearing via MS Teams will take place in the above-noted matter on the following dates: February 22-25, 2022. Rule 20(1) of the Board’s Rules states that hearings will be open to the public unless the Board orders otherwise. As this hearing will be held by MS Teams, the Board invites any member of the public interested in attending the hearing, as a spectator, to inform the Board that they wish to attend.

Please advise the Board by email to info@bcccalab.ca citing the above-noted file number if you wish to attend the hearing.